Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia

The Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia (FCCMSM) represents all CHRISTIAN MISSION SCHOOLS in the country. The information on this website has been published with the Ministry of Education’s circular on the appointment of Heads of Missions schools in mind to facilitate easy reference and prompt action.

What makes mission schools special is very much embedded in their ethos, special character and traditions. We have therefore included a section on these since the circular also clearly says that these will be preserved.

The Prime Minister and his cabinet, including the Education Minister, took cognizance of this need to preserve the identity of the mission schools. He gave the assurance at a luncheon meeting with Heads of Christian Churches on January 4th 2012, that the ethos, special character and traditions of Christian mission schools be maintained.

Heads and teachers of mission schools play a key role in the continuance of this tradition as stated in the Revised Report of the Royal Commission of the Teaching Services, West Malaysia, June 1971 by Tan Sri Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Zain.

‘To allay any misgiving as regards the status and the special character of some former private schools particularly the mission schools and conforming Chinese schools, we would suggest that in exercising the powers of deployment and assignment of teachers, especially the head teachers, there should be maximum consultation between the deployment authority and the individual Boards of the school so that this character is maintained.’

Article 8.53 page 53

The Christian perspective of ethos is illumined by the Gospel and is attentive to the needs of students. Mission schools place great emphasis on holistic education, balancing character development with academic excellence. It promotes the dignity, self-esteem and full development of the person, empowering young girls/boys to become people of integrity, with emphasis on the formation of the heart, so as to be committed to service to their family, nation and the world. This is in tandem with the aspirations expressed in the Rukun Negara and the National Philosophy of Education.

This was further affirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, YAB Tan Sri Dato Hj Muhyiddin bin Mohd Yassin, when he met with the representatives of the FCCMSM on 21 January 2013 in Putrajaya which culminated in the issuance of the circular Bilangan 1 Tahun 2013 of the Ministry of Education.

The Organizational Structure of the Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools in Malaysia is included in this website to enable better understanding and cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Mission Authorities and various stakeholders. Contact Persons for the Mission Authority are provided. However, the names may be changed over time.

It is FCCMSM’s hope that the directory of schools under the relevant Mission Authorities and the additional information related to mission schools will be helpful to Ministry officials, members of the Boards of Governors as well as interested members of the public.